International Conference on Prevention of Genocides

31 MARCH - 01 APRIL 2014



Serge Brammertz

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
Serge Brammertz

Prosecutor of the ICTY since 1 January 2008
Born: 1962, Eupen, Belgium

Before his appointment as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Serge Brammertz was the Commissioner of United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission into the murder of the former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a post he held from January 2006 until the end of 2007.

Previously, he was Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, in charge of the Investigations Division of the Office of the Prosecutor when the investigations of crimes committed in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Darfur were initiated. Before his election as Deputy Prosecutor, he was the head of the Federal Prosecution of the Kingdom of Belgium where he supervised numerous investigations and trials related to cases of organised crime, terrorism and violations of international humanitarian law.

Mr. Brammertz was a professor of law at the University of Liège and an author on organised crime and international cooperation in criminal matters who has published extensively in European and international academic journals. He holds a law degree from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, a degree in Criminology from the University of Liège and a PhD in international law from the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany.



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